My name is Maarten Heinstra, I’m a professional allround 3D character artist!
I always have been fascinated by comic's, cartoon's, character design and animation
At a young age I started drawing cartoon-figures and after finishing
a degree in graphic design at the School for Graphic Design in Zwolle in Holland,
I got involved in 3D animation as a hobby!
From the beginning I found this medium a perfect tool to bring my characters
and ideas ’alive’, so 15 years ago (1999) I did a masters degree in animation
at the L.A.S. (London Animation School) part of Central Saint Martin’s Art College!
After finishing L.A.S. I started working in the animation-industry in the U.K. and Europe!
For the last 15 years my base and most work was in London where I worked freelance
for various clients like The Mill, Passion Pictures, Studio AKA, Seed Animation and many more.
First I started as an animator, but over the years I became more involved into the mechanics
and technical setup behind characters and so I continued my career to do more rigging on characters as well!
Recently I moved back to Holland for a project, where I’m working as a senior TD on the game
'Killzone' , for the company Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam!
For the most part of my career I worked in XSI, but for the last 3 years I've been working
with Maya and learned a lot of new skills at Guerrilla, like Python programming to a higher level
so now I can write now my own animation and rigging tools.

If you have any questions or suggestions or want to make use of my skills, please contact me!

Maarten Heinstra

E-mail :
Tel : 0031 (0)6 2382 1645

Looking forward to hear from you!